Building a Bigger Fire

In 2018 I lit a match and in 2019 I added some kindling.

Building up a fire is my business in a way: coaching speakers to better articulate their passions is to help them nurture their idea-sparks into story-flames.

Thank you to all of my clients for sustaining our fires.

As an entrepreneur, it has been gratifying in 2019 to look out at the landscape and see many more fires than in the previous year, knowing that I have helped to build them up. As I have roved from camp to camp, I take a little gift from each flame to carry experience from one speaker to the next.

Thus you keep my fire lit and we all get better at sharing stories fueled by our passions.

Thank you to my students for helping me learn new ways to kindle.

To teach is to become a student again. Having led several presentation workshops over the years I have developed frameworks to develop drafts into more confident talks within hours. Teaching science communications over an entire semester was a new and welcome experience in 2019. It gave me a completely different perspective on how skills are learned and developed, which has given me more ideas to help presenters. My students have shared new stories of discovery, both of themselves and what they bring into the world. Our collective future remains brighter thanks to their efforts.

Present students help teach future followers.

Thank you to my peers as we build up a forge-worthy fire.

Bringing together several fires grows potential in magnitudes. Part of the confidence that I drew on to start this entrepreneurial journey in 2018 was based on the growing practice in science communications. Although I long ago hung up my lab coat, it has been my professional dedication to help scientists and the stories of science reach broader audiences. As 2019 proceeded, I have connected with more and more like-minded peers who are daily dedicated to delivering high quality communications training to scientists and engineers at all career levels.

As the new year begins, I am excited by the prospects of combining our flames to forge new possibilities in professional skills programming.

Thank you all, have a most Happy New Year, and may your flames burn brightly!

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