One Quick Tip to Improve Virtual Presentations

Design slides so that none of your content is covered by a floating head during your virtual meeting.


Screenshot 2020-05-14 18.05.55


Screenshot 2020-05-14 18.08.33

Make sure your audience gets a clearly memorable experience.

Follow this simple four step process to give your audience a clean slide design (you will have to figure out the specifics for your platform of choice):


Right after you start, show a series of slides on how to use your platform.* Show your audience how to make the active speaker’s image (you) the single picture in picture.


Include a slide with a handy box that shows them where to align the image of your face.

Screenshot 2020-05-14 18.22.03


Ask for a signal in the chat, or a raised hand, or whatever works on your platform so that you know your audience is ready. Be sure to thank them!

Screenshot 2020-05-14 18.22.33


Rock your talk!

Screenshot 2020-05-14 18.00.50

The Audiences First approach makes your presentations better.

These simple steps really help the experience for virtual meetings:

  1. You will know your platform better so your audience’s experience will be better.
  2. Everyone on the call interacts with you right at the top. This pulls in their attention and keeps it higher throughout because they feel included.
  3. It forces you to consciously (re-) design your slides. In taking this closer look, I hope that you’ll use a billboard style like I have.
  4. The clean design and audience interaction makes your talk more memorable, so your ideas have a better chance of making the world a better place!

Screenshot 2020-05-14 18.05.24

*Thanks to Andy Goodman for this tip.

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