Put audiences first to deliver persuasive talks

I work with speakers to tailor presentations that memorably engage

Do you have a message that you want to be sure anchors in your audience’s mind?

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Here’s my philosophy:

Audiences first design means crafting a talk that captures and holds attention. It is ultimately audiences who share speakers’ ideas and stories beyond the space they are first presented. Therefore well-crafted talks need to engage audiences to give ideas the best chance of inspiring, influencing, and making a difference.

Putting audiences first means thinking critically on what and how to include ideas in your presentation. Will this content, in this style, delivered in this way, engage this audience? The same idea and information often needs different presentation styles to reach different audiences. So every choice of why to include what and how you include it hinges on whether the audience’s interest will continue; not whether you the speaker knows it “well enough”.

But how do you choose what to show?

How do you decide what images will engage with meaning? Which words will speak volumes to a crowd while retaining your intended meaning? What delivery style to enthrall while staying true to your expertise?

Even if the reasons why you need to share your ideas and tell your stories are clear, assembling an engaging talk can be challenging.

I work with professionals and students to tailor presentations that engage, inform, and influence. Through individual coaching, workshops, and communications consulting services, I help clients craft, develop, deliver, and anchor more effective messages.

Contact me to ensure your presentations put audiences first so your messages last.

Image credit: National Academy of Sciences
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