Put audiences first to deliver persuasive talks

Clients that I help to put audiences first:

  • scientists, artists, engineers, and humanists engaging interdisciplinary audiences
  • leaders and keynote speakers preparing for virtual presentations
  • “TED”-style speakers telling story you always wanted to tell and show it well

Contact me here to find out how we could work together to develop a presentation that engages and informs.

What do you want your audience to be talking about after your talk?

Audiences first design means thinking critically on what and how to include ideas in your presentation. Will this content, in this style, delivered in this way, engage this audience?

The same idea and information often needs different presentation styles to reach different audiences. So every choice of why to include what you include hinges on whether the audience’s interest will continue.

But how do you choose what to show? Even if the reasons why you need to share your ideas and tell your stories are clear, assembling an engaging talk can be challenging.

Contact me to ensure that your presentations put audiences first so that your messages last.

Image credit: National Academy of Sciences
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