Darcy is a great coach – he helps you when you need it and stays out of your way when you are confident about a certain approach or aspect of your talk. He helped pick out some issues with my talk that I had not noticed in practicing (verbal errors). He also promptly fixed slides himself, rather than just suggesting edits, which made the talk more visually appealing and saved me a lot of time. I gave a much better talk because of Darcy’s help.

Prosanta Chakrabarty
Louisiana State University
and TED2018 Senior Fellow

Darcy’s clear advice built on what I had worked on, so it was affirming, but he made it better than I could have on my own! He was able to pick out the main thread of my talk and help me amplify it to shine. It was very valuable to have an outside person look at what I was doing and give me clear, objective advice based on obvious extensive past experience with what engages an audience the most. Also, I’ve always felt shy about practicing presentations in front of people, but Darcy made it easy and painless – he coached my verbal presentation for timing, rhythm and scope.

Julia Buntaine
visual artist
Rutgers University

Darcy is a professional and incisive communications coach! He is very good at scaling his advice to people from different backgrounds and experiences and communication abilities. He’s super smart at translating deep scientific thought into palpable, tractable ideas, that reach the intended audience.

Dr. Andrew Quitmeyer
digital media scientist
host of Hacking the Wild on the Science Channel
& assistant professor at the National University Singapore

Darcy is a very perceptive coach. He is able to see weaknesses and suggest doable ways to overcome flaws while accentuating the speaker’s story. During the two-day workshop I participated in, I liked having the opportunity to continually improve my presentation while also seeing how others could improve their own talks. If one has a story to tell, then DJG Communications LLC can help make that story come alive.

Bruce E. Rittmann
environmental engineer
Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Arizona State University

Working with Darcy was a great experience that revealed new aspects of the process of preparing a talk that I was not aware of previously, although I have lots of experience in preparing such talks for audiences. He was a helpful coach who could understand the goals of my talk and help me re-organize and simplify to these goals.

Dr. Michal Gavish
visual artist, trained in physical polymer chemistry

Darcy is an excellent coach: he provided an enriching experience in helping me to tell my story. The opportunity to practice with someone and have feedback is very valuable.

João Silveira
dancer/choreographer, trained in pharmacy
ArtScience researcher
Harvard Research Fellow / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Darcy is very meticulous in his coaching to help the presenter think like an audience member:  He helped me rearrange my slides and put the materials of my presentation into a better context and delivery. Overall, Darcy was very helpful while I was preparing my DASER talk. I think every talk event should provide a talk coach.

Dr. Changwoo Ahn
environmental scientist
George Mason University

DJG Communications LLC runs a professional and effective service: there is something new to learn from having someone else critique a talk. Darcy has a science background so this helps a lot in transitioning the communication from a technical frame to non-technical audiences. Also, this workshop enabled me to meet people in my research institute that I had not met before. DJG Communications LLC created a forum not only for active learning about communication, but one in which I met other researchers.

Arvind Varsani
Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University

Image credit: National Academy of Sciences
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